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  • J.J. Abrams Does it Again: Revolution


    I am Sci-Fi Junkie!

    and for people like me who are addicted then you know J.J. Abrams,

    if you dont here is a little wiki on him http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/J._J._Abrams The guy created Alias, Lost and Fringe !! all of my favourite three actions and now in 2012 he comes with the latest HIT  !

    Revolution !

    its take place in a  post-apocalyptic where, all of a sudden all of a sudden all electricity in the world is out ! and we are taken fast forward to life 15 years after the black out ! well explores the life of one family in this world, and one person who has the key to why the black out happened, and maybe even how he can restore electricity back  !

    well without going into more detail.. if you are Sci Fi Junkie ! watch this !