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  • Interview W/ Hussien ElSherbini from Wetrobots

    1 Wet ...Robot. called Hussien El Sherbani

    1 Wet ...Robot. called Hussien El Sherbani

    So unless you have been living under a rock, you must have heard about Wetrobots <3 Bosaina musical collaboration. And they are performing tonight in Amici, and well I got a chance to interview one of wetrobots. Oh and btw did you know that Wetrobots <3 Bosaina consists of three members 1. Hussien, 2. Ismail & 3. Bosaina.

    So I sat  <phone called> Hussein since I find him an actually interesting mysterious character, and here are the questions

    1. Describe Bosaina in five words:
      Blonde, loud sometime, blonde, very smart, sexual lyrics wise
    2. Describe Ismail in five words
      Knows a lot about leather, knows a lot about keyboards, an idealist, he is a very good dancer *wink* and he has a really a good collection of shorts .
    3. What’s  are  the roles of each one, I only assume Bosaina is the looks, Ismail is the technical and you the business savvy Is there any truth behind that ?
      Actually that is so stereotypical, Bosaina does the lyrics, me and Ismail do the loops,  once its we like the loop we make the whole song out of it. But since we are a collaboration, we all debate different elements, so Bosaina would give her input on the music, Ismail & I on the lyrics, I even wrote a lyrics to one of ours songs called Disco Me. We are the true definition of a collaboration, if each of us just did one thing and one thing only we wouldn’t sound the same.
    4.    When did you guys meet, how did you meet each of the others?
      Ismail and I know since kindergarten, we didn’t make music back then, it was only in 2006 that we started experimenting and being amateurish. After that I went LA & studied sound engineering and audio production.  When I came back, I already knew Bosiana through a common friend. That common friend suggested that why don’t me and Ismail do music with Bosaina since she is making music and looking for producers. We started doing music together, actually we started in Ismail’s grandma place, it was mostly Bosaina’s POP sound in the beginning, but we grew together and matured together and our music sound have started to bound together making us sound the same, if that makes any sense.
    5. How did you Guys come with name wetrobots?
      That is Ismail idea, a 100% his, to call us WET-ROBOTs, and then Bosaina came and said lets make it one word – wetrobots.  Why wetrobots in particular, well I wish we had a cool story about it, but it just sounded cool whether you say WET-ROBOTS or WETRO-bots (as in retro) .
    6. So how did you feel when your song got played bbc1 radio?
      Very very very psyched! we were very extatic that our music was getting international recognition, we also got airplay in new Zealand, and we think japan we know think so  because  there was this Japanese twitter that kept tweeting at us and sharing our music, so we google translated and it said something like COME TO JAPAN !
    7. Who do you love more Bosaina or Ismail and why?
      I actually don’t like any of them ! *wink*
    8. What would you do if Bosaina and Ismail hooked up?
      I will cry in the corner like a baby!!
    9. Why do you have a pirate friend and how do you know him?
      Show is an old friend, with his own unique vision, I don’t know why he dresses like a pirate honestly its his thing.
    10. What’s your favorite song in the whole wide universe?
      for no one – beatles
    11. What makes Hussein …. Hussein?
      His hair!!!!!
    12. Why don’t you have a girlfriend, are you asexual?
      No I just don’t have the time for this shit.
    13. Do you live in bubble?
       no, I live in the jungle
    14. What the fuck is dubstep?
      I don’t know but I don’t like it that much! 
    15. Do you know who is the current egyptian president ? If so name him…?
      The Morshed.

    wetrobots <3 bosaina