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  • interview W/ Celeste Siam

    Celeste Siam

    Unless you are living under a rock ! you must have heard by now Celeste Siam Ibiza #1 Female Asian DJ is coming to el Villa this friday to give you wings!!!  and i have had this rare chance where i got to interview her ! and got to say just reading her answers makes me fall in love with her even more !! i CANT WAIT !!! 


    Celeste Siam



    - What does your name Celeste Siam mean in thai?
    “Celeste” mean blue sky or heaven, “Siam” is the formal name of the Kingdom of Thailand. I’m proud to being Thai and specially remind about the Siam era which was the most beautiful period of my country, full of culture, nice people, glamour and very rich with art and music. I love to remind such meaning.

    - Have you played in Egypt before ? are you excited to play in el Villa ?

    I visited pyramids in Giza few times but this will be my first time I perform in Egypt, yes I’m very excited! Doesn’t matter how many international gigs I played, for me every times is always like the first time :)

    - what have you heard about el Villa ?

    Nice, glamorous beach club located in one of the most beautiful areas of Egypt.

    - how would you describe the genre of music ?

    Happy house with touch of funk and soul.

    - do you sometimes think that being unique as the first Asian Female DJ in ibiza gives you an EDGE

    Definitely all unique artist could be big. in my case I went to ibiza to catch my dream and never though about been unique or been the first, but after a while I just realised what ibiza had gave me and what really means to me… It’s amazing.

    - Why do you love music ?

    Music make my soul alive, I can’t live without music! No one can’t.

    - if you were a musical instrument what would you be ?

    Piano! It’s flexible like me. You can play sweet song or you may rush the rhythm to get more aggressive sounds. Easy to get a variety of feelings, from sad to hype then and leave space for silence whilst enjoying the waiting for the new note to come. Always exited what’s next? 

    - What music / performance do you plan on presenting and bringing to el villa

    Sexy deep funky jacking latin house and some musical surprises…

    - Do you think “redbull gives you wings” is a myth or is it a true statement ?
    Of course it does! True statement about physical effects and also about brand’s politics supporting artists, athletes and passionate people around the world!! :D