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  • Interview: Kay Nassef !!


    As you all know Kay Nassef, released a hot amazing new track last week !! 

    and guess what you can get a free download from here


    and DJs // Producers brace yourself there is also an accapella is available for download SO GET THE remixes ready, i already hear other people started working on it !!

    Of course you can follow Kay on his facebook on : ps://www.facebook.com/KayNassef
    and now on with the interview

    Who is that chick with you the video!!

    hehe… is that ur first question?
    We were looking for a model for the video; we made a few ads on craigslist but never found the right one. This process lasted for a whole month, I freaked out and decided to go out and find her. I went to this place where models hangout, and there I found Inga. I asked her if she wants to be in my music video, she heard the track and that was it.

    Where was the video produced?

    In Miami

    How much time did it take you guys to produce the song and the video ?

    Hmm… The song started as a demo, just like any other song. But this one, I kept listening to it over and over for about a month, I listened to it too much that it got stuck like that. I wasn’t inspired; so I met with Omar Raafat, and we collaborated in the production. It took us around a month, so all in all I ‘d say 2 months for the track.

    The video took us 2 months. Nearly a month preparation, then shoot, and then the usual endless edit.

    What was the funniest moment during shooting the video ?

    Many, too many! It was chaos! Organized chaos. We are now working on the making of. You ll find a lot of funny stuff there.

    Are you signed up with any record company?

    Nope, I d rather not if I find someone to sponsor me. I want to do music based on my own taste and style. I don’t want someone to impose a certain style just to get more money off of me. My music is more based on personal experiences rather than just music for the sake of it. So it wouldn’t really work out I guess

    Who was the team that worked with you on the video?

    They are friends from Miami, the video was directed and shot by the talented Paul Labbe with help from Giovanni Torres. Richard Hankins was assistant director, along with others helping out. Also, my good friend Mohamed Aly was there and he did an amazing job!

    Who financed the production? was it was for you as an artist to go ahead and just take time to do the video while working full time at the same time ?

    Well, I resigned from the corporate world nearly a year ago just to work on my music. Shooting a music video was never planned, but I happened to be in Miami when my track was mastered & ready, shared it with my friends who happened to be starting their own productions. We all got excited and decided to make it happen.

    what was your biggest challenge ?

    Was to keep the whole process going as smooth as possible. Money talks, but in this case it’s the mutual passion that we all have to achieve an artistic piece. We had a great product (the track) so the video needed to be at least as good or even better.

     What is the main message behind the song?

    You can interpret it in different ways. What was yours?

     I love your fashion in the song, who chose the outfits? was it chosen by you, or you had a stylist ?
    Thank you. We definitely had neither a stylist nor makeup artist onboard given the financial aspect. As for my outfit in the video, the tshirts are the usual ones that I wear and been wearing, my 6 year old jeans, and my favorite boots. I like sticking to my comfort zone

    What is the next thing we should expect from you?

    5 more tracks to be released under “Things I Wrote” EP; along with remixes for my debut single.

    Do you currently have a girlfriend and/or are you seeing anyone… I am sure that is the number one question on every girl’s mind right now.

    Nope, I am single. And whomever out there thinks she has what it takes, she can step forward haha