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  • Hassan Abou Alam Mini-interview


    you know us at cairogossip, we dont like long interviews and we dont like long things to read… so ahead of Hassan abo allam gig tonight in OBAR, we caught up with him and asked him the 4 most essential questions that there is to ask

    1. What music do you plan on taking to the decks of o bar?

    I’ll be starting my set at around 12 – 12:30ish with some housey tracks and we’ll see where it goes tonight it all depends on the crowd tonight

    2. If every dj had a wow factor, what would be your wow factor?

    I really don’t know what my wow factor is… It’s probably how passionate and dedicated I am to music.

    3. If you were to be booked in any club in the world, which club it would be?

    Cocoon – Frankfurt

    4. What is ur prediction for this summer top hit

     Andhim – Hausch / Such a lovely track to listen to on the beach or chill to