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  • Hamza Namira Banned From Egyptian Radio


    Egyptian singer-songwriter and fresh-faced cutie, Hamza Namira, has been banned from state radio after his music was deemed to be too critical of authorities. Speaking to the BBC, state radio chairman and all-round Grinch, Abdel Rahman Rashad, confirmed the decision not to approve Namira’s songs, adding that performers who criticise the authorities should not be on the airwaves.

    Namira has been considered one of the ‘voices of the revolution’, having risen to fame during the protests and sit-ins of the January 25th uprising, often staging impromptu performances in Tahrir Square.

    The news comes days after actor, Khaled Abol Naga, was accused of treason and ‘disturbing national security’ following some not-very-nice words about Pharaoh Sisi.

    Meanwhile, Namira has been kicking butt on an international scale – here he is performing in London last month.

    Photo courtesy of Human Appeal International