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  • Haifa Wehbe Banned From Egyptian Radio


    The trigger-happy head of Egyptian state radio, Abdulrahman Rashad, has shot down another ‘artist’ – and I use that term loosely – after banning the music of Lebanese eye-candy, Haifa Wehbe.

    While government opposition have condemned the dictatorial move, many others have hailed the decision in the name of good taste and sanity.

    Wehbe is already in the middle of a media storm, following a television appearance last week on cringe-inducing reality show, Arab Star Academy, in which she bared a little more skin than our modest Arab sensibilities can seem to handle. Rashad has pointed to the incident as an example of why Wehbe is not fit to to be broadcast.

    The news follows the banning of Egyptian singer and 'voice of the revolution', Hamza Namira, with Rashad describing Namira's music as being 'too critical of authorities'

    Namira has been joined on the blacklist by shaabi duo, Oka and Ortega, and many are suggesting that Rashad has made the move to sweep the Namira banning under the proverbial rug. When Oka and Ortega were asked to comment on the decision, they laughed, lit a joint and drove away in a tuk-tuk.