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  • FriendZoned: RaShRadio Releases New Music Video


    She said please don’t get me wrong/I think you’re sweet, but this has been going on for too long.”

    Words that every man dreads hearing. No one likes to be friend-zoned, but Egyptian singer-songwriter, RaSHRadio, takes it more personally than most – as his latest song testifies.

    The video for the subtle, piano-driven, NeoByrd-produced track is directed by (and stars) actor, filmmaker and all-round loveable nice-guy, Ashraf Hamdi, and features a host of familiar faces.

    Granted, it’s a simple video, but FriendZoned is another notch on the versatile musician’s increasingly large belt, further proving  that you can form a strong musical persona in Egypt without copy/pasting insincere revolution-themed sentiments or pillaging the music of  generations past and presenting it as an insipid ‘Oriental’ fusion.

    No offence to Oriental fusion bands – you guys are great fillers at Cairo Jazz Club.