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  • Freedom Music: Most Interesting, Timeless, & Supportive Musical Platform in the Capital


    Since the dawn of time, music has been the art that overcame language barriers, crossed borders, battled authorities, broke the boundaries of space and time, and left us all joyous, sorrowful, or even in awe. Being the only true language that led armies to peace and united people, it is no wonder that it has become how people speak about themselves nowadays.

    Without further ado, the reason we are talking music is because, a few years back, a new musical platform,Freedom Music, was created in Egypt.With its efforts in the ever-growing musical scene almost going unnoticed, we thought it is only proper to highlight everything they have done. This platform has taken part increating glorious events that witnessed bright stars take lead: AmrDiab, Tamer Hosny, Oka & Ortega, Armin Van Buuren, Boy Band, MassarEgbari, and Hamaki.

    While this could count for a lot, they are doing more towards helping fresh talents in the market; be it bands, lone rangers, or even spinners. Their social media presence has been driven by an interest in the musical scene of the capital and of the whole world, bringing new stories to light that reflect the back-stories of lots of talents, the latest productions, and a monthly memoir video of the greatest moments.

    All you need to do is follow their Facebook page and stay well-versed with the latest languages of music, their mixes, and their interesting back-stories.