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  • Five New TV Shows That Everyone in Cairo Should Be Excited About

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    Everyone in Cairo is complaining about the summer being almost over, but we like to look bright side of life. You see, September means one thing for us: the new TV season in the US. From Game of Thrones to The Vampire Diaries, TV addicts are in for a treat. But we’re all about the ‘new’ and there are five new shows in particular that have us overly excited.

    Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D

    This Marvel spinoff, created by sci-fi veteran, Joss Whedon, dives into the history and workings of the secret government organisation seen in the Iron Man and The Avengers movies. Set after the events of The Avengers, details are still hazy; will there be any superhero cameos? And how the hell did Agent Caulson – who supposedly died in The Avengers – survive?


    Josh Holloway (Sawyer from Lost) returns to TV screens with an awesome sci-fi series in which he features as an ‘advanced agent’ with a microchip implanted into his brain. Again, details are few, but insider info claims that the series follows elements of ‘buddy cop’ shows.

    The Blacklist

    One of the FBI’s most wanted criminals surrenders on the grounds that he and the FBI work together to bring down several dangerous criminals that the FBI will never find without his help. Now that’s leverage.

    Sleepy Hollow

    Some fourteen years after Johnny Depp made Ichobod Crane cool, Sleepy Hollow hits TV screens this fall. Our boy Ichobod was thought to be killed during a mission for George Washington in 1790 but mysteriously awakens in 2040. So does the Headless Horseman…

    Brooklyn Nine-Nine

    The only comedy on our list comes via Andy Samberg – of The Lonely Island and SNL fame. Samberg plays a goofy detective who has trouble adjusting to life under his new boss – a military man through and through, who doesn;t take any crap from anyone – ever.

    Happy viewing, Cairo, and remember: downloading torrents is illegal…