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  • Finally, Massar Egbari is About to Release a New Album!

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    A few days ago, Massar Egbari, a band that we all love, started teasing their fans with posts on Facebook about their new album, and we just can’t wait for it to come out.

    Massar Egabri’s last album, “Toka3 w T2oom” was released in 2015, and ever since, they have been feeding us singles, but no full albums. Although their songs were very novel, being the hardcore fans that we are, they just made us want more of what the band have to offer.

    Some of their most notable releases during the past three years were Cherophobia, Ya Rab (a collaboration with Wust El Balad), and 25 (a collaboration between the lead singer of Massar Egabri and Zap Tharwat).