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  • Film Censorship in Egypt to Stop?


    According to a couple of reasonably-credible sources, and the Cairo Gossip newsfeed, film censorship in Egypt will come to a crashing halt come April. Films will be shown in their entirety, with the Censorship Authority’s role limited to classifying films according to age-rating.  

    Your immediate reaction, like ours presumably, is either a profane exclamation of, ‘no f***ing way in sh**ing hell, you d*ckhead’, or ‘FINALLY, s*x sc*nes!’ (Please note: Cairo Gossip haven’t thrown logic out of the window and are still rigorously self-cens*ring).

    Some people have already started dangerously fantasising about a world where they can watch a film in Egyptian cinema and still follow the plot, without six minute chunks of ‘inappropriateness’ gratuitously cut out.

    You might be wondering how on earth the sexually repressed Egyptian public will cope with the influx of sex scenes, free speech and generally being able to follow the plot. DON’T PANIC: the head of the super-important Censorship Authority, Abdel Sattar Fathy (spot the appropriate pun), stated on Dream 2 that ‘pornographic films’ and ‘films promoting atheism’ will still obviously be banned – we’re not infidels, g*dd*mmit – and, obviously, foul language in TV shows will still be BLEEPed out.

    After the controversial ban of film, Halawet Rouh, and then the subsequent u-turn about it, that still basically saw the film cut in half – Egyptian institutions are known for nothing if not consistency – the Cabinet decided to restructure the Censorship Authority. According to Egypt Independent, ‘The panel will be comprised of representatives of artistic associations and syndicates, as well as specialists, in order to introduce a developed ideology for the authority’.

    Fantastic – because developing structured ideologies hasn’t failed us yet.