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    Exclusive: Abdoul Talks About What Inspired His Latest Song, and It’s Heartbreaking!

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    After releasing his first song since coming out of a coma, Abdelrahman Ihab, AKA Abdoul, hits us with another music video that speaks the truth; one that is as real as it gets.

    Of course, his first song was everything we expected and more from our beloved Abdoul. Only this time he’s shattered boundaries and comfort zones, adopting a different approach as he talks about his recovery. We got more than just a glimpse of the fighter; we got the human behind the comedian.

    Such honest and bare lyrics must have been written out of real experience, in addition to the bravery it must have taken to break the silence and tell us the parts of his recovery journey that no one knew about.

    It was nice to see that side of Abdoul, especially when he told us exclusively about how in the song, he talks about more than just his accident and recovery.

    “I lost my only friend. He helped me learn how to walk and talk all over again. He passed away, I had more to recover from than just the accident, and I wanted to express all of that and share it.”

    Abdoul also told us “I wanted to be real with people; you’re an influencer if you’re real and you talk about the real shit.” And he went on saying “I might be one now, but I wasn’t back then.”

    And we really did feel every word, Abdoul!


    By Dina Khafagy