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  • Enrique Iglesias: “I’m Never Performing in Egypt Again”


    If there’s one thing we’re guilty of as a people, it’s that we never seem to learn our lessons. Some five years ago, a chap by the name of Akon performed in Cairo – with disastrous consequences. The man behind groundbreaking hits such as Lonely & Smack That is unlikely to be returning anytime soon, to the dismay of no one.

    The latest lip-syncing superstar to have graced the sandy plains of Egypt was one Enrique Iglesias, who performed at the North Coast’s Porto Marina on August 9th to the glee of Egypt’s prepubescent female population.

    Unfortunately, for Señor Iglesias, things didn’t go so smoothly, with his manager for the Middle East, Dawn Elder, reported to have said that Enrique will – shock horror – never perform in Egypt again.

    Several local media outlets have alleged that Iglesias and Elder were both subjected to physical abuse by attendees of the badly organised gig and that the venue had arranged little, if any, security for the Spanish sexbomb and his entourage.

    This is why we can’t have nice things.