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  • Electrum’s new STUDENT DJ competition!

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    Last year they did Red Beats, and OMG what a competition it was, everyone was there, everyone voted and for the first time in Egypt there was a platform where new talent could be found, and new talent indeed put under the spot light. We got a chance to meet hot artists such as Baher, Aroussi and Moniem. Look at those artist now and where they have reached, it all started with Red Beats.

    Electrum is back for a second year in a row! They are expanding on last’s year competition and giving you this year  THE STUDENT DJ competition!  CHECK THE WEBSITE NOW: http://www.studentdj.net/

    So what is this STUDENT DJ ABOUT… well ” this year [they] are twisting up the competition, where [they] will start with 30 applicants that will be sent to a week’s retreat to be coached and then analyzed and judged by electrum’s panel of esteemed DJs and producers. They will select the 12 most impressive to enter the extensive weekly contest that will yield a final winner named the BEST DJ in town, who will have the opportunity to spin with a world renowned DJ.

    The below image is just one of a series of images of some Egypt’s DJs… every week a new one would be released. Today release is of, Aly & Fila, Egypt’s own world renowned and top ranked DJs & Producers



    Electrum is back for a second year running with the competition that will bring up the next generation of electronic music talent in Egypt. Red Beats 2012 was such a great success that we’ve decided to expand on last year’s concept and introduce the student DJ program to Egypt.

    The philosophy of last year’s competition was rooted in our belief that Egypt is a country filled with musical talent just waiting to be explored. Last year’s contestants have all benefitted from the competition and are now the most wanted DJs in Cairo’s nightlife scene.

    The Student DJ Program has all the elements of a successful social experiment that will benefit even more young aspiring talents to realize their ultimate dream of becoming a renowned artist in electronic music.  Moreover, this year’s competition is an expansion over Red Beats 2012 and is designed to achieve maximum reach all over Egypt in order to harvest the largest possible number of hopeful DJ and produces.

    Anyone with an interest in electronic music is eligible for the contest as we will be picking thirty lucky winners to send off to a boot-camp in a remote location in Egypt where they will be given a crash course in music production, mixing, music business and much more.

    Only twelve lucky finalists that have excelled in the boot camp will come out of this process, after which they will battle out their knowledge and skill in one of Cairo’s most renowned venues in hopes of winning the ultimate prize.

    About: Electrum Records is one of the first house music production labels to have come out of Egypt. The label itself was the brainchild of renowned DJs Fahmy and Samba and Nadia Abou Taleb, who have released tracks in the past under the label as well as established Electrum as one of the leading event organizers in Egypt.