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  • Electrum is looking for YOU!


    Electrum a few month back the playing redbeats 2012 competition ! and well DJ did get discovered and some of them become over booked DJs ! and now electrum is on the look again not in the form of redbeats, but they are working on compiling their upcoming EP. so are you ready to recognized!

    Esteemed DJ’s and producers, we’d like to announce that Electrum is ready to receive any of your productions to compile them into its new upcoming EP.

    It’s very simple, once you send your track to info@electrumrecords.com you’ll qualify for the draw, and if your song is banging, innovative, and stands out then you win a slot on the EP. We don’t need to remind you that this it will sell internationally on digital music stores and physically in Egypt…is this an early Deejay Christmas gift or what? Hope you all love the news.

    Electrum is proud to challenge our local talent, foster artistic creation and elevate that skill and artistry to international standards…we know that each and every one of you brilliant musical minds has it in him/her to send us their ingenious track and get the chance to bask in international exposure… Hope we got your artistic senses fired up boys and girls smile

    Good luck everybody!
    Sincerely, The Electrum Team.

    (for questions and inquiries please don’t hesitate to email us or contact our office.)