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  • Egyptian Musician Maurice Louca to Tour UK & Europe


    While the Egyptian music industry still largely serves the type of clap-trap Oriental pop peddled by the Tamer Hosnys and Hamada Helals of the world, the underground music scene continues to slowly but surely form its own voice. Underground musicians continue to battle for a bigger stage, but the rise of a band like Cairokee (before you roll your eyes, remember that they too were once considered and underground band) offers some kind of hope – as does the increasing attention local artists are receiving from abroad.

    The latest musician to find a stage on foreign lands is Maurice Louca. Having hit a proverbial home-run with is second album, Benhayyi Al-Baghbaghan, at the end of 2014, Louca has been an in-demand man with performances at the beginning of 2015 giving more and more local visibility to one of the most unique musical practitioners in the region.

    Kicking off on September 15th at Dutch music festival, Incubate, Louca’s 15-plus show run is set to take him to Germany, Spain, Switzerland, Belgium and the UK over the span of a month.

    These places are in for quite the experience; Louca’s unique approach to his craft sees him draw inspiration from a range of different sources – some rumoured to be otherworldly – with the weird and wacky realms of psychedelia and Egyptian shaabi music numbering among them.

    The tour is a huge step for Louca who stands as one of an increasing number of intangible music acts in Egypt that, whether by default or by design, just haven’t quite clicked with Cairo’s misguidedly discerning music fans.

    For more information on the tour, click here.

    By Gemima Flashback

    Photo: mauricelouca.com