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  • Egyptian Actor Aly Sobhy Wins Big at Dubai Film Festival


    To say this week has been depressing is an understatement; so whenever we hear of a glimmer of good news, we hold onto it for dear life. Here’s some good news: Egyptian actor Aly Sobhy just won Best Actor at the 2016 DIFF awards in Dubai for his role in Aly, the Goat and Ibrahim by award-winning director Sherif El Bendary and produced by Mohamed Hefzy’s Fortress Film Clinic.


    The indie film, which has been five years in the making, follows the sweet and slightly delusional Ali, who thinks his dead girlfriend has been reincarnated into his goat. He meets other outcasts and disenfranchised men, and together they form a bond based on their differences. Sobhy’s DIFF win is also hugely impressive because it was the film’s world premiere; meaning he won at the first festival that screened his film. Aly, the Goat and Ibrahim had previously won financial awards at the Final Cut Venice workshop and the ARTE prize in Dubai.

     The win is a remarkable achievement for Sobhy who is most famous for being the founder of street theatre troupe, Outta Hamra, and who’s 2016 has also been highlighted by a well-received performance in In the Last Days of the City alongside Khaled Abdallah.

    By Samar El Shams

    (Header image courtesy of Hasan Amin Photography/Ali, the Goat & Ibrahim Facebook)