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  • DJ SERIES 3: Interview with the Shawky

    The Shawky Boy

    As you must have heard by now that Ahmed Shawky will be rocking amici tonight !!!  and in Cairo you must have heard him play in the Nxt Gnration event, and in Yasso, well everytime i heard him, he rocked !! and tonight i cant wait to see him again in AMICI !

    So to get to know behind his music fishie went out to interview him before his gig tonight

    The Shawky Boy - picture by Taimour Othman

    You are new on the egyptian scene of DJing, but i have heard you djed outside the country before, where did you play?
    Back when I was 15 I started “mixing” in small birthday parties nothing pro but it all began when I got into college in Switzerland I used to PLAY music in “CDV” (schools café) where they paid me in..fries and burgers .. then I ended up being residential dj in a place called “San nicks” and played several times in big clubs like “Mandarin” and “Absolute”. 

    What are you musical influences ?
    If wer talking about the dj world id have to say tiesto..reason why.. he prove to be no.1 in trance music before and I believe hes on his way to becoming no1 in house music, so being no.1 in two different genres makes one a musical genius! Other than that like everyone else music influence us all since we are kids 

    What do we expect to hear when you play in amici?
    Mainly remixes and mashups, starting off quiet ending off loud 

    Why did you choose to start playing with Taha in your first two gigs ?
    When my sister was PRing for Yasso “Y lounge” she asked me if I know any good djs…. So I recommended Taha, long story short we ended up performing back 2 back. Who knows might reunite 

    Do you have a girlfriend ?
    Yes I do

    Are you a dogs or cats person ?
    Definitely a dog person no offense

    Are you a gouna or sharm or ras sudr person ?
    hmm gouna by day sharm by night

    TRUEBLOOD SEASON 5 just started, do you believe in vampires ? 
    Twilight ruined the idea of vampires for me ..sorry ..im not sorry it did..

    Do you like sahel ? or are you too cool for sahel ?
    big big sa7el fan