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  • DJ Series 2: interview with RedBeats Finalists!

    Baher Vs Batawi ! The B Challenge

    Baher Vs Batawi ! The B Challenge

    as promised with the DJ Series, will be doing a bunch of interviews with Egypt’s DJ’s today’s interview is with Red Beats finalists

    As you know Red beats is coming to an end, well at least vol. 1, does that mean we should expect another redbeats next year by electrum records ?

    well for the final it will be between Baher Eid and Batawi, with super star sensation DJ Tom Novey  The RED BEATS Vol 1. Finale” Turn up The volume”, happening at the outdoors Clubhouse area of Katameya Heights.  So Naturally Fishie went on a mission and interviewed the two finalists !

    1. what was your feeling when you got on the decks in Jazz club for the first time in red beats ?

    Batawi: First night I played was amazing. I was really connected to the crowd and it was a really fun night in general. I had a pretty set idea of what I was going to do and play because of the extremely restricted time limit, you only get a chance of around 8 tracks but I’m glad they bumped it to 45 minutes for the final.
    Baher: Words can’t explain how I felt when I played their the first time. For a while now, I’ve been longing to rock jazz club in specific & if you were there, you’d definitely be able to tell how I really felt.

    2- are you glad that your competition is batawi/baher ? and why?

    Batawi: I’m happy I’ve made it past the semi’s and glad of course to have Baher in the final. Baher is pretty knowledgeable about EDM and production (is there a collaboration happening? maybe ;) ) but to be honest if it was up to me, I’d have every single one of the contestants DJing at the final purely because I know that they all deserve the exposure, especially Hassan, who’s a close friend who seriously devotes his life to his Techno, although I didn’t see him, Zuli for truly staying true to his style, I cannot respect that more, Shady for having the balls to play his harder shit and Aroussi because he really really smashed the shit out of his second round. I just want more opportunities for all these people to spread their amazing music. We do have a scene, its just people are so used to the same recycled events, names etc. there’s no room for a DJ trying anything new. I am hearing about these dubstep parties and wake and bake with acts like the wetrobots and Bosaina events so its good. MORE OF THESE.
    Baher:  I’m surely glad to be playing with Batawi! In my opinion, he’s one of the few contestants who deserve to make it through the next rounds. The most important thing i earned in this competition is meeting talents like this dude here. Both us are really passionate about music and production in specific, so be patient, as you’ll be hearing great news from us soon.


    3. What kind of music should we expect you to play in the final ?

    Batawi: Baher and I flipped a coin and I’m going first so it should be a nice set of groovy music to really get you in the mood but I have a few self-made surprises as always so it should be fun.                        
    House & progressive house


    4. Who was your favorite DJ in the competition ?

    Batawi:Like I said earlier, love and respect to all the DJs that had the cojones to do their own thing so I won’t choose a favorite per se.
    Baher: As i previously said, they are other contestants who deserve the chance i got to play in the final with Tom Novy, but Hassan Abou Alam goes top on my list of the Dj’s i met, because he went for his own thing & played Techno. RESPECT brotha!


    5. Whats next after RedBeats what do you plan on doing

    Batawi: Well I’ve gotten a few events lined up already and I’m getting geared up for a summer of relaxation .. . I am new on the “scene” but not so new! . hahahahaha but I fucking love being the underdog. If Madeon and Porter Robinson (look them up) can do what they do at 18 and 19 there’s no excuse for anyone else so I’m looking at a summer of gigs, music production and a general good time. 
    Baher: There will be a lot to bring to the dance market after the big gig, since I’m really motivated to try out new things. I’m sure what ill be doing is locking myself at home producing and writing the music I love, & ill be looking forward to collaborate with Egyptian talents to lift up the dance scene here in Egypt and make the world know that we can have talents other than legends Aly & Fila.