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  • DJ Series 1: Madlou

    MadLou @ Risas

    i am starting a series of interviews that would be focused on DJs and to kick off this one, this interview is with madlou, he recently have been captivating cairo, all the way from Alex! and has recently played in a few of our favourite venues, and not to mention nile fm, below is the sound cloud to it

    MadLou @ Risas

    so on to the questions

    1. is it true that you have a spiderman costume in your closet ?
    Well fishie I have no idea how you found that one out, but it’s actualy an iron man suit!!
    2.is it true that you go to the gym 5 times a day ?
    You see that’s what I hate about Egypt nowadays every1 just assumes shit , NO I most certainly do not , who would do that ?. I only  go about 3 times a day , Assumption is the Mother of all Fuck Ups. (Excuse my French) hahaha
    3.When was your first gig ?
     You mean like first gig ever ? hmm I think it was around the early years of 2000 and something. It was a private birthday bash for a friend and I was kinda known as the “good music guy”
     Everyone just loved being in my car just to get their Recommended Daily Allowance of House , we set it up I hit those decks and bam Mad vibes were born :P !!
    4.where have you played in 2012/2011 ?
     Hmmm pretty much all over cairo ,
     ( the terrace ,cairo jazz , risas , amici , opium , yasso , natsu in marrasi , shade in hurghada , moods el gouna , dats wat I recall right oh and y-82 :P (inside joke))
    5.have you played outside of egypt ?
    Yup I played a few , Ibiza, Dubai , Lebanon which was my first major gig back in the day I had to warm up for Antoine clamaron , and the guy shook my hand as I stepped off them decks saying “respect for Egypt”  , which kinda changed my life a lil bit !!
    6.why dont you drink alcohol ? is it religious reasons or other ?
     YES it is a bit of a religious perspective just quit 2 years ago after realizing sum stuff , plus I always try to change this idea people have as they sumtimes just automatically stereo type djs as drunken druggies , also alcohol tends to take away sum control which is sumthing I do not like to loose :P
    7.Why do you always have a red bull can in your hand and in all pictures ?
     Ahh I knew you were gonna hit the redbull spot fishie haha , well the thing is im kind of a very hyper individual , and music kinda gets my mind on lock down especially when im spinnin I kinda just sink into it and redbull for me is just like the ” go all night long “  , magic syrup  so just put on sum good music and a can of redbull and ull think im as drunk as it can be!!
     Also to be honest , I tend to make a statement , which is for me you do not have be drinkin to have that much fun !
    8.Whats your favorite song for the upcoming summer 2012 ?
     Damn haha Your askin me to pick one track out of 80 giga bits of music in my head which is this years library !
    Well on the commercial side as Adelle’s Remixes took over last summer’s Charts I think , bob Sinclair’s “I wana fuck with you” will be heard a lot this summer
    yet my personal favourite for this summer might have to Fernando lopez, remixes of “money and cash” , youll be hearin that from me sa7el style ;) !!
    9.whats your favorite bar in cairo ?
    hmm well I dnt have one favorite i have 2  , I think Amici and Risas are Effin Amazing even tho I don’t drink I just cant be in cairo without passin by both !!
    10.whats your favorite club ?
     Depends on the Night , the mood the company , if I wana hit the slick there is nuthin better than tamarai to set that mood , if I want a lil bit of underground or a tad of grime I think cairo jazz club does it for me
    11.which egyptian dj do you like the most and why ?
     Deepest Respect To Every dj in this country every one has his style his message and his ways
     but samba , amr hosny , and omar sherif I just love em !
    12 .if round two is confirmed morsi and shafeek, will you vote ? if so who will you vote for and why ?
    my first impression to this very moment is no I would not vote , as I myself as Loay im all heart with the revolution , did the whole nine yards , took a rubber bullet to the arm , slept in ta7rir , even kept the smoke grenade that hit me as a souvenir lol ,
    so shafi2 for me would be a big no no , with all due respect to everyone who picked him , but I wouldn’t give the power back to a military old regimes who once said “lel asaf el sawra naga7et”
     yet I wouldn’t give my vote to morsy either coz I dnt think Egypt is ready for an Islamic ruler !
    13.From the scene , whom do u think are the people Egypt would not be the same without ?
     Mowafis would be on top of that list , biks , ganz  , tamer banna , fishie and abaza !
    14.A questions for the ladies , are you single , and if not how do you make it work being a dj and all ?
    Haha well no I cant say im single awy , yet it kinda is complicated , but again when is it not !!
    And as for the how do I make it work part , well I just do my best to keep my head above the water if you know wat I mean haha !!

    15. besides music , is ther any other activites or jobs that you might have ?

    Actually yes , im a semi tennis pro/coach , been doin it since I was 5 , and I work in construction with ma old man , so MadLou only surfaces At night haha