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  • Deezer Finally Launches In the Middle East


    There’s a bunch of applications we just can’t pass by without feeling a bit excited, this is what you should be feeling after hearing what we’re about to tell you… wait for it… here we go; Deezer is finally out in The Middle East!

    If you’re a music addict you’d know what this is, if not, you’ve surely seen a Facebook ad with Calvin Harris and Tamer Hosny’s faces! No? You haven’t? You’re surely missing a lot!


    Deezer is a music application like Anghami and Spotify, and we weren’t allowed to download it here in Egypt, or anywhere in the Middle East, until now. It contains music of all genres, and you can stream the songs you love anytime, anywhere.

    But the best thing about Deezer is the fact that you don’t need to be connected to the internet to enjoy your music; instead, you can just download all your favourite hits and listen to them whenever you want.

    So hurry up music lovers, there’s one more application to fall in love with!


    By Sara Mosharef