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  • Coolio in Cairo: Seven Things You Didn’t Know About Him


    Rapper, actor, TV star and general man-about-town, Coolio, is coming to Cairo next month and LA rapper’s appearance at the next SupaFly party on February 12th at the Omar Khayyam Boat in Zamalek has been met with a mixture of excitement, intrigue and a little bit of bemusement. His stock in the hip-hop world hasn’t exactly been high in the last decade, but there’s much more to man, the myth, the legend.

    -He actually has other songs apart from Gangsta’s Paradise. I don’t know any, but he definitely, definitely has other songs.

    -“Weird Al” Yankovic’s parody song, Amish Paradise, is slightly better.

    -He collects snow domes. That’s not a euphemism for cocaine. He collects actual snow domes.

    -In 2008, he hosted an online show called Cookin’ with Coolio in which he cooked food and not drugs.

    -He was sued in 2013 by a woman after he jumped on her back and rode her like a bull. True story.

    -He was once chased out of his house by his wife after bringing another woman home and suggesting a threesome. Rookie mistake.

    -He has trouble saying no to reality TV shows. He’s appeared on Celebrity Big Brother (several times), Celebrity Wife Swap, Celebrity Paranormal Project, Celebrity Fear Factor and Celebrity Boot Camp amongst other things. But none of those things is worse than coming to Cairo.

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