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  • Confirmed: Netflix is Definitely, Probably Coming to the Middle East!


    While rumours of Netflix’s imminent arrival in the Middle East have been doing the rounds in the infinite abyss that is the internet for some time, new info has emerged that suggests that it’s all but a done deal.

    Initially, IGN Middle East did some digging and found job listings on Netflix asking for experience in/of the Middle East and the rumours were confirmed with the following in an email from Netflix’s Joris Evers to IGN:

    “We plan to complete our global expansion by the end of 2016. Of course the Middle East is part of that, hence our hiring.”

    While this is huge news for the I’d-rather-stay-in-and-binge-watch-a-whole-season-of-whatever generation, it’s believed that not as much content will be available in the Middle East, with royalties and even censorship possible stumbling blocks. Whatever the case, it certainly means that you won’t be on the phone to your strangely IT-literate cousin for hours as they attempt to explain how to set up a VPN.

    By Kalam El Qahaira