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  • Citystars: “We Don’t Show Amr Waked Films”


    Egyptian actor, Amr Waked, has taken to Twitter  to voice  frustration at leading location for loitering and time-wasting amongst spoilt Egyptian brats, Citystars.

    With upcoming film, El Ott, set to hit cinemas across the city this week, Waked has lashed out at the Heliopolis mega-mall for refusing to show the film. Apparently speaking to Citystars management himself, Waked was told that Citystars “doesn’t show Amr Waked films.”


    Waked went on to to say in a follow-up tweet that he was also told that Citystars’ cinemas were full – despite there being eighteen different screens.

    There might be more to the story, however, with insiders (yeah, we have insiders) suggesting that Waked and co are using an old rift between the film’s producers and Citystars management to build hype for the film and that the team were well aware that there was no chance that the Ibrahim El Batout-directed film would ever be shown there. You sly son of a gun.