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  • Cairokee Launches Online Store & First Merchandise Line


    You can’t keep Cairokee out of the news these days. As one of he ‘Voices of the Revolution’ the five-man band’s stock has been steadily rising over the last few years and they’ve become Egypt’s biggest band, bar none.

    This year, the group celebrated their twelve year anniversary and have ended a busy 2015 with the launch of their official merchandise range – the first band in the Middle East to do so.

    Available exclusively on cairokeestore.com and souq.com, you can now literally wear your love for the band on your sleeve, with a range of item that the boys themselves have had most of the say in. This won’t exactly be news to get fashionista’s out of their vintage capitonné seats, but it does mark another huge achievement for the band, with more lines already in the works.

    By cairokee_addict_69