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  • Cairo International Jazz Festival Returns in its 10th Edition!

    Artists - Performance

    Almost nine years back, the first edition of Cairo International Jazz Festival came to life, and ever since then it has seen a number of bands from all over the world. Some of them earned a place in the international spotlight because of their performance in Egypt, while others earned an even larger following in Egypt from Jazz enthusiasts.

    This year, they are back with the 10th Cairo International Jazz Festival. The festival is planned to start on the 11th of October, running for four days with 17 musical concerts.

    The concerts are bringing 90 artists from 14 countries: Holland, Austria, Japan, Germany, Portugal, Syria, Jordan, Egypt and more.

    If you don’t know how it normally goes, bands and solo singers collaborate in performing some of their original songs, by infusing and remixing elements by other performers. One of this year’s performers is Jerome Klein and his quartet.

    The event is planned to take place at American University in Cairo’s (AUC) new campus stage, and it is expected that the tickets will be available on ticketmarche.com, so stay tuned!

    Cover by Redbull