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  • Behind the Scenes of Abu’s Latest Hit…


    As a man who has made his name on the back of witty lyricism addressing social issues in Egypt and a smile that you just can’t say no to, there are few who can quite ‘do it’ like Abu. The singer-songwriter and guitarist stands as one of the most interesting and unique indie artists in Egypt and the Middle East, and his stock has been very much on the rise for the last two years. Also, that smile really is something.

    Activist, artist, writer, effortless charmer, there are plenty of words that you can attach to Abu and plenty of pigeonholes to put him in; but he likes to keep it simple. He’s a great musician who makes great music – just give the man a guitar.

    It’s this rather refreshing no-frills approach that has seen his celebrity rise and attract the attention of Pepsi, who wasted no time in recruiting the musician for their Ramadan commercial. In this exclusive video, Abu speaks about the collaboration, while also touching on how he came to follow his passion for music and his general approach to it.

    The commercial was widely considered a hit and it went viral. What’s more significant about Pepsi’s CSR campaigns, though, is their effectiveness in tackling issues that shouldn’t exist in a 2016 Egypt. It’s a grim reality to face, but many villages across the country suffer from a lack of electricity, which is where the Liter of Light initiative comes in. Using recycled Pepsi bottles, three Upper Egyptian villages (and counting) have been given greater access to electricity via solar power. In addition, over 1 million children have taken part in Pepsi’s thirteen year strong Dawry El Madares football tournaments, while educational initiative, Tomooh, has helped over 350,000 Egyptians.

    These figures have cemented Pepsi’s position in the corporate sector as a role model of sorts of how to conceive and apply the initiatives for one simple reason: it works.

    By Samar El Shams