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  • SPOTLIGHT: Baher EID: إسم على موسما


    With Eid coming up, DJs are prepping up themselves ! and Since Baher EID, has EID in his last name …. ya3ni  إسم على موسما ! i am doing a spotlight on him

    well for starters he is working on a new techno song … which according to him he is thinking of dropping in gouna in eid

    … so cant wait to hear that ….  but he also did a remix of this deadmau5 song which i pretty much like !


    oh yea and here is baher’s upcoming gigs

    - Live w/ Misty&Hafez @ Club 88, Gouna 19.8.12
    - Live w/ Crazibiza and DJ Samba @ Club 88, Gouna 20.8.12
    - Live w/ Moneim Hafez @ Cairo Jazz Club 31.8.12

    for more BAHER INFO FOLLOW HIM ON https://www.facebook.com/baherofficial