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  • Ashton Kutcher becomes Steve Jobs


    they say Steve and Auston look like twins

    So Ashton Kutcher  will be playing Steve job in a movie about Job’s early life in the 70s and how the start of apple got along

    Question: why is this relevant to our scene ?

    Answer:  we all have at least one apple product, we now have apple product not as because their practicallity but also as a status symbol, so almost every one on the scene has one apple product, whether an  ipod, iphone, ipad, macbook, mactv, or all the full suite !

    so here what the news say as per CNN:

    Jeff Sneider, the reporter who wrote the Variety article, said on Twitter on Sunday that the movie will follow Jobs from when he and Steve Wozniak founded Apple in 1976 to when Jobs returned to the company in the late 1990s after being forced out. It won’t cover Jobs’ later years, he said.

    Jobs, who died in October after a struggle with cancer, dropped out of college and backpacked across India before launching the company that would make him one of the world’s most acclaimed entrepreneurs.

    Kutcher, 34, is one of the more tech-savvy actors in Hollywood. He was an early and enthusiastic user of Twitter, where he has 10 million followers, and has invested in several Silicon Valley startups.

    Kutcher’s movie will face competition from Sony Pictures, which is developing its own Jobs biopic based on the best-selling book by Walter Isaacson. A CNN.com report last fall speculated on which actor might play Jobs in that movie and threw out some names — James McAvoy, Crispin Glover, Stanley Tucci, Noah Wyle — but failed to mention Kutcher.

    the interesting part is that this new is actually almost 2 month old ! it came out in april and for some odd reason alot of people havent heard about it till now :) just like me … so here i thought i should share

    but what is interesting is the movie has started filiming and Ashton has been spotted in uniform recently on may14th  already as per PerezHilton and other website

    Ashton in Uniform

    Qoute from Perez blog (http://perezhilton.com/2012-05-14-ashton-kutcher-as-steve-jobs-pic#.T7iucuuP-pA )

    Woah! Ashton Kutcher really is a dead ringer for a younger Steve Jobs.

    The actor was spotted walking around El Lay this past Friday in full costume for the upcoming biopic Jobs.

    Kutcher wore the technology wizard’s signature black turtleneck, jeans and tennis shoes while carrying a drink in hand.

    If his acting is as accurate as his appearance, then we think this might be the role that will finally make the world take the Two and a Half Men star a little bit more seriously.

    We can’t wait to see those thespian skillz on the screen when this flick eventually hits theaters!