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  • Are you Disco ?

    Disco is been trying to creep back into our lives since it ever faded away, they even created a new genre for it called NUDISCO. But screw that, people want the real disco back and thats exactly what Nacelle is giving us this thursday! check out their video, if they took that much effort in prepping up the video, then by logic the party has to be good.

    I have been keeping an eye out for Nacelle for quiet a while. and here is what i gathered that is special about Nacelle, well for one they are a series of parties that have no home, techincally their home is cairo, they basically rotate between venues, they have done CJC, Shepard Rooftop, Ritmo,  basically more venues than i can imagine. They sort of remind me of Event republic when it comes to their events, i know it might not be a fair to compare, but the reason why is becuase Nacelle, has a simple formula just like ER, a nice venue, nice music and a crowd that like to have fun. Actaully there is a little rumor that head DJ behind Nacelle might be doing a guest appearance on one of the “FALL IN THE CITY” events. 

    You dont have to take my word for it, you can take the word of someone we trust, so i called up the Sebastian Moros (or as egyptair likes to call him moroc) asked him what he thinks of NACELLE 

    “What i always like about Nacelle is that you always discover great new music. I always walk out of there having shazamed a new tune.” 

    So here you have it boys and girls, when you head out to “Are you disco?” event dont forget to load your phones with Shazam. 

    CairoScene Event Discription: http://www.cairoscene.com/Details.aspx?EId=185

    Passes available via http://www.tazkarty.net/nacelle