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    Fishie got the unique chance to get an interview for the cairogossip.com blog, with one of the most unqiue people in the entertainment industry of egypt, Nadia Abu Taleb is the Managing Director of Electrum Records.  A company that is known to throw the top notch events, and famous for their yearly Christmas Balls in katemeya. A company behind  some of the top egyptian house music releases, such Streets of Cairo, the Dalida remix by fahmy&samba, remixing shakira song that was global distributed, and this is just a few of the accomplishment that they have under their belt. So with out any further introductions, i give you the interview script below !


    Who are the people behind Electrum Records and the roles of each?

    Myself, Ahmed Fahmy, and Samba,  I am the managing director of the record company, Fahmy is responsible for the productions, and Samba is for Artists and repertoire (A&R) which is for scouting new talent


    What new things we should expect to come up from electrum records? Any new music to be produced?

    We are planning an event during the “big eid” in November, but no details to be released yet, and of course our annual Christmas ball. With regards to new music production, Electrum shall focus within the coming period on developing its sister company, Electrum Events, where we would the spotlight would on events. 


    How did electrum record come into existence?

    Sometime 4 years ago me, Fahmy and Samba were in sahel over the summer and we met Peyton, he wrote up the lyrics for the “Streets of Cairo” and sung it to us, we loved it. By then Fahmy & samba got excited and started producing a sound track for it.  Peyton came back the following EID  and we decided to launch the song . After getting the crowd reactions and see how much of a success the song, we came up with the idea that we should start a record label company in Egypt, since there doesn’t exist any for house music here.


    What attracted you about getting into the event planning business?

    Well before I met Ahmed Fahmy (my husband) , I always wanted to be a wedding planner,  I had a thing for planning things. So when we decided to start electrum records, I liked the idea of doing event planning with it to,  because as new record companies its easier to make money from events revolving around the artist and the talent, than from the direct sales of the records. 


    What about wedding planning, do you still want to do that?

    Well actually I am going to start a course in one month in London in a wedding planning school and hopefully I shall on going full steam with that too.


    Did having 2 kids change your view on the event management industry?

    Actually, I started in electrum 9 month after our first kid


    Can you give us some background info on Fahmy & Samba? like their passion for the music?

    Fahmy studied masters in radio and always had a passion for producing music, he started nile fm, and when we first got married he use to always produce his own tracks at home. Samba always loved music and was a dj, and he also has a sound production company, so when it comes to events, not only does samba play great music, but he is great when it comes to making sure the  sounds system would produce the best acoustics, that lighting would be perfect


    Who is your favorite event planner other than yourselves of course?

    byGanz,  ganzoury has an imagination and creativity that is beyond incredible


    What tips you would give for planning a successful party?

    Nice Bar  +  Nice People + Nice Music

    By nice bar I mean to make sure you don’t run out of stuff like ice, soft drinks, mixers and alcohol. Nice people its important to ensure guest list, in our events I make sure that I manage the phone myself to screen any the calls, its difficult to filter out the people from a phone call, but you can tell a lot about person attitude on the phone when they call to reserve.  And of course nice music to make people move and dance.


    What is the best time to announce a party ?

    you don’t want to announce a party too early as it might loose its hype and in the same time you don’t want to announce to late so that people can book themselves and save the date. The optimum time depending on the type of the party is 2-3 weeks before the party



    Sumo Carlitos says:

    Great stuff:) I personally adore the fact that finally some took the opportunity of producing tracks in Egypt. It is strange that it took so long, we have so many great talents, they only needed a platform to get visible.

    Samba is a great Dj, he knows exactly what kind of beats the crowd craves:) He has the certain touch when it comes to make people move to the beats.

    PS: When i fall – Fahmy & Samba feat Peyton (Cairo Gossip exclusive teaser) is the Hit…

    We need more of such beautiful music…

    Viva Egipto