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  • Amro El Meligy Escapes From Old Suitcase to Release Debut Album


    Though Cairo Gossip’s collective ears are more accustomed to the thud-thud-screech-thud of the kind of claptrap that blares out of laptops across most of Cairo’s bars and clubs theses days, we’re not afraid to admit that, occasionally, we crave a bit of pop – don’t judge.

    In Egypt, that term has little-to-no meaning and is predominantly attached to a certain obnoxious, monobrowed, whiny waste called Tamer. But thanks to a new breed of ‘popstar’ there is at least now a variation – a plurality, if you will. Yeah, we can use fancy words, too.

    One of the shining lights of this, let’s say, ‘movement’ is Amro El Meligy, who launched his debut album, Hangin’ There (Mistanee min Zamaan) with a soiree at Zamalek’s hub of all things weird and wonderful that I can’t afford, Amuse.

    Never have we ever seen the phrase ‘girls want to be with him, guys want to be him’ play out in front of our eyes so emphatically as A-Mel (the new popstar name we’ve just now decided to give him) gave a live performance of his new material.

    Needless to say, girls were swooning left, right and centre, and rumour has it that at least two marriages were destroyed that night because El Meligy was just exuding too much sexiness. That's not actually true, but he is a very handsome fella and pulls off the whole waistcoat thing pretty nicely.

    Check out the official Amro El Meligy Facebook page for proof of that fact.