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  • A Resident of the City: Unique Short Film Shows Cairo Through Eyes of Street Dog


    Egypt as a people has never been short on creative juices and short film, A Resident of the City, proves just how weird and wonderful the country’s underground film culture really is.

    Although the sixteen minute film – directed by High Cinema Institute alumni and native Cairene, Adham Elsherif – was uploaded to Vimeo just two days ago, the piece did the rounds on the festival circuit, so to speak, in 2012, picking up a host of awards along the way. Accolades from abroad came at the Montenegro International film Festival and the Tampere International Film Festival (Finland), amongst others.

    The brilliantly shot film takes a unique look at the good and the bad of Cairo through the eyes of a street dog and is as real a summation of Egypt’s capital as it gets. Woof.