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  • 8 Egyptian Movies Getting Released This Eid


    When Eid comes, it brings lots of traditions with it; family gatherings, ridiculous amounts of meat and “leya” (even if you hate their “guts”), and plenty of movies! Don’t act like you haven’t been waiting for all those lame-a** movies (at least some of them) to be released. Here’s a list of all the movies people will be exasperating months-long with.


    1. El Kwayseen

    This comedy movie is starring Ahmed Fahmy, Hussien Fahmy, Bayoumi Foad, and the beautiful Shereen Reda along with many other actors and actresses. The movie is about El Kwayseen family. They’re all Kwayseen and that’s all we really know.


    2. Torab El Mass

    This film needs no introduction! We’ve all been waiting for Torab El Mass, because the novel has an intricate plot that gets you to visualise, gain insight and be entertained. Also, Ahmed Mourad is well-known for his psychedelic stuff. The movie is starring a bunch of amazing people like Menna Shalaby, Asser Yassin, Maged El Kedwany, Mohamed Mamdouh, Shirin Reda and Eyad Nassar. Imagine the suspense!


    3. 122

    If this is not crazy, we don’t know what is! We’re dying to know what’s the deal with this movie, and after watching the trailer you will feel so too. It stars Amina Khalil, Mohamed Dawod, Tarek Lotfy, Mohamed Mamdouh and Ahmed El Fishawy. All that it looks like is people edging on insanity, using gestures commonly used in rock concerts for the movie poster, and people running about all throughout the movie.


    4. Bani Adam

    Youssef El Sherif returns to the cinemas after 9 years of absence. He’s being all about suspense for a while now, and that’s exactly why people love him so much. But this time, it seems like he’s choosing action. Dina El Sherbiny, Hannah El Zahed and Ahmed Rizk are also the stars of the movie.


    5. El Badla

    Tamer Hosny is collebrating with Akram Hosny to create one comedy masterpiece. This is the second movie Amina Khalil is starring in, but we’re pretty sure we will have a laugh or two.


    6. Sou2 El Gomaa

    Amr Abd El Gelil hits one more time with a movie that takes up-close portrayals of how people are living nowadays, and shows some reality with a sense of humour as always. Also, actress Dalal Abd El Aziz and Riham Abd El Ghafour are making an appearance.


    7. Bekia

    Mohamed Ragab tries to be, one more time, a star in an action movie with the most cliché comedy lines. Joining him this time is Ayten Amer and Mohamed Lotfy, so do you think he will ever succeed?


    8. El Diesel

     No one can beat Mohamed Ramadan, or that’s what he always tries to show in his movies. El Diesel is for sure an action movie starring Mohamed Ramadan, Hana Shiha, and Yasmin Sabry. What’s happening in this movie? We’d have to wait and see.


    By Sara Mosharef