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  • 6 Folk Bands & Singers You’ll Love

    Egyptian Project - CJCA - 10.02.2018 (27 of 29)

    Opposites attract, or at least that’s what they say. Maybe that’s why people have been recently listening to folk bands more than ever. To be honest, they’re different, unique, and entertaining. And because not all people would know the artists that we are talking about, here’s a list of the best folk bands & singers out there.

    1) Taksir Sharqi

    The band was created in October 2017, and has nine members. They now play everywhere including Cairo Jazz Club, Darb 1718, and many other places. If you want to catch them anytime soon, head to CJC on the 14th of July.


     2) Egyptian Project

    Egyptian Project don’t need any introductions! These guys have been the talk of the town for a while, and have been everyone’s favourite. They took over several places many times, and people have enjoyed them greatly. Their sufi-folk music is played by their six members, who are always able to create enchanting tunes. They have been a regular of CJC as well, so you will find them there soon enough.


     3) Donia Massoud

    Of course you’re familiar with ‘Batnadeny tany leeh… enty ayza meny eh,’ sorry, just got caught in the song again! Donia Massoud is actually the one behind this song that’s receiving so much recognition nowadays. Donia is an Egyptian singer and actor as well (yes, she acted with Ahmed Helmy in ‘Gaaltny Mogrmen’), but singing fits her best. We don’t know what more to tell you about her, we just need you to head to her website, and enjoy her exceptional songs!


     4) Bahiyyaa

    The band that has been taking over CJC and many other places just has to be on our list. Bahiyya’s eight members play the violin, the guitar, the drums, and the oud. The band was formed seven years ago, and it is still going strong.


     5) Asia Madani


    Asia Madani is the lead percussionist and vocalist of a great Sudanese folk band. She is quite distinguishable with her powerful voice and attitude. Asia tells some amazing stories through her songs, and the best part is that you’ll always feel the beauty of it.


     6) RT Nuba

    RT Nuba bring Nubian culture right here to Cairo, with their lyrics and their very unique skillset. This band was formed in 2012, and we’re pretty sure they’re going places.

    By Sara Mosharef