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  • 2 Blond Girls 1 DJ deck! & the Semi FINALIST!


    Hot music aside!
    Blond:ish who are coming this Wednesday to the STUDENT DJ semi finals are more than just hot talent. Boys, they are easy on the eye! They are eye candy! They are hot!! But dont only check their looks check out their music. Mark my  words, this WEDNESDAY WILL BE OFF THE HOOK!

    and guess what the girls are excited about coming too!

    NOW REGARDING MORE IMPORTANT MATTERS, WHICH IS WHO ARE THE SEMI FINALIST! Well apparently I was right in my predictions two nights ago  check here .

    so the official semi finalist are

    -Aguizi & Fahim

    And tomorrow’s battle is between Yousef Niazi & Gawdat :D

    20130618-095738 AM.jpg

    20130618-095742 AM.jpg

    20130618-095747 AM.jpg

    20130618-095752 AM.jpg

    20130618-095756 AM.jpg

    20130618-095801 AM.jpg