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  • 10 On-Stage Collaborations That Shouldn’t Have Worked But Did


    There’s something very exciting about a collaboration between your favourite artists, but the best duets are the unexpected ones;  the kind you get at a music award ceremonies, talk shows, or even as a surprise appearance at a live concert; the ones people are going to be sharing on Facebook the next day.

    Much of these ten live collaborations don’t make any sense whatsoever, but somehow turned out to be amazing performances that left us wanting more.

    Dixie Chicks & Beyonce – Daddy Lessons

    Dixie Chicks should just stop trying to make a comeback, though.

    Jennifer Lopez & Taylor Swift – Jenny from the Block

    I’m still, I’m still Swifty from the block.

    Adele & Darius Rucker – Need You Now (Cover)

    Better than the original?

    Florence and The Machine & Dizzie Rascal – You Got The Dirtee Love Mash Up

    “You got-ta love” this performance.

    Beyonce & Ed Sheeran – Drunk in Love

    Thankfully, Ed Sheeran wasn’t drinking watermelon.

    Alicia Keys & John Mayer – If I Ain’t Got You/Gravity

    Some people want it all, and gravity wants to bring me down

    Imagine Dragons & Kendrick Lamar – Radioactive m.A.A.d city Mash Up

    People say Taylor swift should be banned from dancing. Check 0:58

    Lady Gaga & Sugarland – You & I

    Form a bigger band already!

    Jay-Z, Linkin Park, & Paul McCartney – Numb/Encore/Yesterday

    Wait what?

    Miley Cyrus & Madonna – Don’t Tell Me We Can’t Stop Mash Up

    Even Miley Cyrus looks innocent next to Madonna…

    By Ramy Soliman