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  • Zayneb Azzam 7 essentials !


    Some have style, some have natural beauty. combine both and you have the newest and possibly most gorgeous model to hit the cairo scene, Zayneb Azzam. But that’s not it, while steaming ahead with her career, modeling for the likes of Abercrombie, Malak El Ezzawy, Amina K, Yasmine and more,  while once doing an internship with Micheal Kors, she also is a student! She is a women who knows how to balance it all

    and now onto Zeynab’s 7 Essentials !

    1. Macbook. There isn’t a day that went by that I haven’t used my handy dandy laptop. I’m such a laid back girl, I’d rather chill at home, illegally download movies and listen to music, than go to a café. Any day.
    2. Perfume. This is more of an indicator for hygiene, funny way of showing it, but I’m a clean freak. Hate dirty finger nails and bad odors. Stay clean people, it’s just a must.
    3. Red Rouge. Um, when you see me wearing it you’ll understand.
    4. White Pouch. Stay classy, Always. “No matter how you feel, get up, dress up and show up.” Regina Brett
    5. Bracelets. You’ll always notice a cluster of bracelets on me. I just feel naked without them.
    6. Books. Whether it’s useless information or beautifully written, i’m always reading, reading, reading. You can never get enough knowledge.
    7. Dr Martens. I found a replacement for my Ugly Uggs. Comfy and match basically everything (well at least in my head).