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  • Zamalek Wall to go down!


    The Zamalek Wall


    I have been following this new facebook fan page called Zamalek  (https://www.facebook.com/ZamalekIsland) and i have to say i noticed a lot of things changing and popping up in zamalek

    but do you this iconic wall in the picture, the one that belongs to the armed forced hotel or whatever it is called!

    Well this wall rumor has it might be going down soon to be replaced with a row of shops,

    Already the first two shops are starting, Cafe MEX is opening its second Zamalek branch right next to wel3a on that wall, i dont mind mix they have a good a design and all so they make the street of zamalek actually look pretty

    but what i do mind is something like this it really looks like a koshek … none the less people actually like it !

    a koshak picture courtesy of zamalek facebook page

    but my problem is not with the shop at the end of the day its probably a guy who needs to open his business and support his family, my problem is with el haya (the neighborhood governmental council). Things should be zoned right… my problem is not taking down the wall my problem is parking and regulation and zoning, once this wall gets taken, it would be to highest bidder, how do we guarantee standards ? how do we guarantee that the people opening would be part of the people who give back to zamalek and try it make it better? what about the 26th of july street it already is as crowded as it is