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  • Zamalek is not Manhattan, Bitch.


    Just because zamalek is an Island, Just because it has the more bars per square meter than other place in cairo (exception of downtown), does not make zamalek manhattan.

    It often frustrates me when people make the analogy of zamalek & manhattan.

    For one, zamalek has no tall buildings, it has old, perhaps beautiful buildings but they are run down. Zamalek might be the bronx for all i know. Further more zamalek is like one big food court! It has over 5 different places that claim to be the number 1 burger, 3 different pizzerias claiming the number 1, and god knows how many shisha places wanting to be 1

    yes zamalek has towers… towers covered with shit

    And contrary to popular belief, Gezira club is not CENTERAL PARK !

    Zamalek, might have had its glory days in the past, but now zamalek with all do respect is a SHIT HOLE.

    Just wait for the weekend, you have all these weird bee2a kids who comes from god knows where and hang out between goal café, hardees, and pottery. Then you constant music blasting out cars, and ya reit its good music, no its BEE2A TRANCE  ! yes i created a new genre ! live with it!

    Then dont get me started on those cafes opening right and left quicker than rabbit procreates, with no regards to its surrounding, no regards to parking, no regards to pedestrians. Wait doesn’t Manhattan have side walks, Zamalek doesn’t.

    Zamalek = Manhattan ? Really


    Talk even about the basic nessicatiy of shopping ! No good fashion stores exist, no good decent grocery exist, actually that is not zamalek fault, they don’t exist in Cairo period.

    To make the analogy of zamalek & manhattan is grave mistake, it is hurrendous.