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  • Your Phone’s Photos Can Now Have a Blurry Background


    If you always find it hard to capture the perfect picture to post, if you’ve installed too many editing applications to blur something or just want to bring out the fashionista/pro-photographer inside of you, Instagram has now made it a lot easier for you.

    Two days ago, they started rolling-out “Focus Mode” to the users of their app. If you’ve just downloaded the latest update, and you’re wondering how you can activate it, sorry to burst your bubble, but there is no way, you just have to wait. The new feature gives your picture that professional look with its blurred background.

    How good is it? It’s not bad at all for a software that uses cameras not designed for this kind of bokeh/out-of-focus effect.  It actually does make the picture look beautiful, although it relies completely on the software and the image that comes straight from your camera.  The focus mode also works for both front and back cameras.

    So far, the new update works on a lot of phones, but with higher megapixels in your camera mixed with specific light conditions and contrasting environments, edge detection will work better. In other words, the higher your camera is when it comes to megapixels, Instagram’s software will be able to detect the person in the photo better without overlapping the effect onto the object you are trying to take the picture of.


    So, if you have a white skin, and a white/pale background, what will happen is that the software will fail to recognise the edges correctly. Consequently, it will fade the blur onto you: kind of a neat trick to resolve this issue, but doesn’t look good for someone who knows the quality of DSLRs. Also, if you are an alien, it only detects human faces, so back off.

    When it comes to light conditions and contrasting environments, they can actually decide how your picture will look. For a software that doesn’t use mechanical hardware (lens aperture/focal length of the lens) to bring about this kind of effect, but relies mainly on the colours in the picture; the aforementioned variables can drastically change the outcome.

    To make it work right, use the feature where the background is in contrast to your subject, a phone of high megapixels if possible, or buy a Galaxy s9+ or Note8, Pixel 2, iPhoneX or Huawei Mate 10 Pro and save yourself the hassle, but not the money.

    N.B. The pictures in this article were shot on the Note5 through Instagram’s application.

    By Sara Mosharef & Adel M. Fakhry