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  • Your music is pretentious


    I am sick and tired of people making it sound like commerical music is a lesser genre,  I am sick and tired of people trying to say that oh this is not music, this is shit!

    People always judging music, saying either deep is shit or deep is the shit. Commercial music is cheesy. RnB is Ghetto. Pop is teenager music.

    Ever so judgemental, arent you?

    What is worse is that now with raise of the likes of Nacelle, Electrum’s Student DJ, Audio Damiana, Tea Dance, etc… everyone has now became a musical expert, everyone is now a music judge, its like everyone knows what makes a DJ/Producer a good one, every one know understands that this song is out of sync or the musical lader of it is out of sync. You go to a party instead of the conversation being,  oh man last night i got so hammered and bang that chick, the conversation is now, man this DJ sucks he is not looping or mixing right, he has bad song selection”!  Honestly people! stop judging the music, and start letting loose and enjoying it.

    Well stop JUDGING the music, all music is good!

    Yes I love Britney & Will.i.am SCREAM AND SHOUT. Yes i Love Robosonic. Yes i love Nortorious B.I.G, (not wiz khalifa), for me all music is good, everyone is good, and if i dont like something it means its my personal opinion, I dont have to go forcing it on people