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  • Your Mama Could be using the Internet More Than You Do


    Remember the good old days when your mama used to shout at you because you’re always on your phone and you’re not paying attention? Tell her she has become the person she said she has always dreaded; tell her that a study has shown that that elderly people now use the internet a lot more, and that you will be monitoring the hell out of her.

    Believe it or not, more than 70% of people aged 65+ use the internet daily, and can spend almost 27 hours online every week! So, we’re wondering now is that because of boredom or addiction?

    However, we know that’s the reason your father got the new iPhone before you; he’s obviously addicted to the internet and social media! And also this is the reason why your grandma has been commenting too many times on your photos, she’s been using her phone all day long! Here, we figured it out.


    By Sara Mosharef