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  • Young Egyptian Artists Team Up to ‘Beautify Public Walls’ with Mirinda


    Be it appearing in streets around Cairo, or crashing parties in El Gouna, Mirinda’s Peach Man and Berry Man have been, well, we everywhere over the last few months as part of the brand’s #DaWalaDa campaign, which was launched as part of the release of two new flavours – peach and berries.

    The real identities of the two fruity crusaders are, of course – drum-roll – Mohamed Mekawy and Nour Kababe, who are two of a group of social media influencers that have been recruited by Mirinda to take part in several activities since the launch of the campaign, the latest of which aims to add a touch of flair to otherwise drab wall-paces across Cairo.

    Earlier this week, the artistic of the influencers converged on Mohandiseen to kick off the initiative, magically transforming a previously drab concrete eyesore of a wall into a playful, floral and just plain cool piece of street-art.

    As visual artists, Farahzada El Shihy and Amr Allam, weaved their magic, some onlookers watched, some interacted with the artists and some took out their phones and took photos so that they could go tell friends and family the story of that time a bunch of crazy kids painted something pretty on a wall.

    This is the latest in a line of seemingly random and unpredictable activities that the #DaWalaDa influencers have take part in, the last of which saw Mekawy and Kababe gate-crash New Year’s Eve party, Auberge, in El Gouna as their alter egos.

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