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  • You Want What? Quintessentially Lifestyle Egypt’s Most Peculiar Requests


    Operating across the globe, award-winning luxury lifestyle management & concierge service, Quintessentially Lifestyle, is a truly unique, almost unreal, entity that goes to great, and sometimes outrageous, lengths to satisfy its discerning clientele – none more so than right here in Egypt. It’s no secret that Cairenes can be a demanding people; a trait that has left our friends at Quintessentially Lifestyle Egypt with plenty of weird and wonderful anecdotes. Here are just a few of the strange requests that they have received.

     Requests Fulfilled By Egypt Office

     A Pink-Haired Doll

    “A Member called early in the morning asking for a doll with pink hair to be delivered to him within three hours. He hadn’t specified the type of doll; it just had to have long pink hair that could be brushed. Very tight on time, the team went into emergency mode, and rushed to locate, wrap and deliver the doll in rush-hour Cairo traffic. Team members visited all the toy stores in the area, photographing options and forwarding them to our member for approval. Within one and a half hours, the unusual doll was purchased, wrapped and on its way.”

    A Very Drunk Member

    During the launch of Quintessentially Lifestyle Egypt’s new party series, Quintessentially Privé,  one of our Members was having too much of a good time and had one too many drinks. Halfway through the party, one of our team noticed that this Member might be in need of some assistance – he couldn’t hold himself upright. One of our Lifestyle Managers notified the rest of the team and they quickly  devised a rescue operation – first, they found out the Member’s suite number, then two LMs discreetly lifted him and helped him out of the party to the entrance where a third LM was waiting with a wheelchair. The Quintessentially boys took him to his suite, made sure his belongings were with him and put him to bed. The following morning, one of our team checked up on the Member – he was very grateful for what they had done the night before even though he couldn’t remember much of the evening.”

     Running Late to Catch a Flight

    “While running late to catch a flight to Paris, one of our Members asked if we could contact the check-in counter at the airport to inform them that he was on his way. Considering that reaching the airport is no easy feat in Cairo, two of our lifestyle managers immediately picked up the phone to try and work as fast as possible. One of them managed to reach a representative at the airline, where she informed him that it was is her father traveling and that it was ‘a matter of life or death’, and that they had to keep the counter open until the Member arrived. She remained on the phone with the representative to ensure that the message was relayed to the airline counter – only few minutes later we received an e-mail from the Member saying that he finally checked in and thanked us very much for the effort.”

     Birthday Wishes in Thirteen Languages

    “One of our Members wanted creative, out-of-the box gift ideas for his fiancée’s birthday. After a short brainstorming session at the office, we came up with an idea that our Member loved. We decided to create a video wishing the Member’s fiancée a happy birthday in thirteen different languages. We sent out specific sentences that the Member approved to thirteen different Quintessentially offices around the world. Among the languages were Spanish, Mongolian, Greek, Indian, Korean, and Polish – all wishing her a happy birthday. Afterwards, we compiled all the videos and sent them to a professional editing house. The final product exceeded Member’s expectations.”

     Requests Fulfilled By International Offices

      “A Member asked if we could transfer pomegranates from Inner Mongolia. His son had planted a pomegranate tree in their backyard but it died – he wanted to show his son what fresh pomegranate was like.” – Quintessentially Lifestyle Hong Kong

    “A Member requested to ship a specific type of chicken that lays organic eggs as a gift for his friend.”– Quintessentially Lifestyle Jordan

    “An Elite Member wanted to try the best caipirinha cocktail made by the best bartender in Rio de Janeiro. We managed to contact the best bartender for this experience and our Elite Member had a caipirinha tasting at Cipriani Rio de Janeiro, by the best bartender. It was an exclusive experience that only Q Brazil along with Cipriani could provide.” – Quintessentially Lifestyle Brazil

    Cipriani in Rio is considered one of the best restaurants in the world.

    “I had a request from a Member wanting a fake great white shark to drag on to the beach and take a photo of—he wanted it to look as realistic as possible. After contacting local movie props companies and even toy shops with no luck, I contacted the local fish taxidermist and found a real stuffed great white!” – Quintessentially Lifestyle South Africa

     “A VIP Member wanted to do something out of the ordinary for his birthday. As he is obsessed with James Bond, we organised an extra special James Bond-themed adventure for him that included filming a high-speed car chase in a special edition Aston Martin.” – Quintessentially Lifestyle Dubai

    By Kalam El Qahaira

    For more information on Quintessentially Lifestyle Egypt, click here.