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  • You Can Finally Buy a Premium Phone

    soda E1 Product Sales GuidV1.0-1

    Buying a premium smartphone nowadays feels more like a wish we could only make for Christmas, while keeping our “good” manners throughout the year. Normally, premium is a quality that is only associated with very expensive phones. Such expensive and premium phones would often require months of savings, and if we are not that kind of person because of our lifestyle of partying, endless shopping, overdue rent and our subscriptions, it just won’t happen.

    Consequently, the Chinese-based company, Shenzhen CHENYEE Technology Co. Ltd, have emerged in the global smartphone market to put the needs of the customers first with their latest Soda smartphones: the E1 and S1.

    On the 18th of March, Soda Mobile officially launched their market-tailored smartphones in Egypt. The two smartphone variants offer different specs directed to different users. In addition, they are the first in the market to introduce premium looking/feeling phones that are dubbed as cost-effective; they don’t cost as much but still provide the performance a user would normally need. Soda also offers a wide array of accessories for its customers: chargers, headphones, two power bank models (6000mAh and 10000mAh), and colourful data cables.

    CHENYEE has been selling its products in over 50 countries in recent years. Their products are mainly the culmination of understanding customers’ needs, listening to what consumers have had to say about their devices and the competitors; and creating the devices using their professional hardware stack team, software design team and hardware design team.

    E1 Soda Phone

    soda E1 Product Sales Guide V1.0-1

    If you are the type of person that’s highly dependent on your smartphone for work, multimedia and gaming, the E1 will survive the day with you because of its 4000mAh battery; coupled with the latest android software 8.1 and latest processor, the battery consumption will be much less. The phone also operates on 4G networks, so expect only the fastest internet connection. It will also be limitless when it comes to expanding your storage space because you can use up to 256GB extension SD cards; this means you can either store 32,000 songs, 76 1080p movies or 87,000 photos. You have 2GBs of RAM to multifunction and shift between apps with ease, and a big 5.5’’ HD IPS screen to improve the overall viewing experience! The E1 comes in two colours: Matte Black and Matte Silver.

    S1 Soda Phone

    soda S1 Product Sales Guide V1.0-1

    This phone is more about looks, camera functionality and RAM management. Although the dimensions of the phone are the same, the body to screen ratio seems to be smaller in comparison; it is actually very noticeable from just looking at it. It almost feels like the phone’s bezel melts into the screen because of their seamless design. It is impossible to find such a quality in the cost-effective phones arena. Also, you won’t be using your friends flash or the awkward snapchat screen flash for your selfies because this phone comes with an 8MP front camera and a front flash too! The phone is also equipped with a 32GB internal memory, with an ability of a 256GB expansion SD card; a fingerprint reader and facial recognition security software; a 3GB RAM for swift multitasking; and a better and bigger display of 1440*720 HD+ IPS full screen made out of Corning Gorilla Glass. S1 comes in two colours: Metallic Gold and Metallic Black.

    What about warranty and service centres? They’ve still got you covered. Right off the bat you’ve got 15 months warranty for your phone, 12 months for the separate accessories, and 6 months for the cable. Needless to say, RAYA is the official service center and it really can’t get any better.

    So which person are you? The busy and all day user or the quick and on the go user?