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  • You are what you drink !!

    you know the famous book called you are what you eat, its a book that came out followed by a philosphy i think of which, it helps you to loose weight, so if you eat a burger, expect to be fat like a fatty oily burger, if you eat salad, then you can expect to be lean as a cellary stick. 

    what about you are what you drink ?  i am talking here about how does the drink  in your hand define you as a person. However if  you would look  at it from loosing weight perspective here is some interesting facts,

    white wine is 65 calores, red 75, port can reach up to 165. A light beer can average around 90 calories, which is a reason why light beers are needed to be brought to egypt. 

    so back to the drink that defines you, i have tried to do some reaseach  but with little luck, so here i am going to wing it, my own interpertation which can be very very very wrong, but you tell me what you think, 

    a glass of, 

    • White Wine: symbolises that you are in a happy down to earth  yet perky person, you actually enjoy drinking. 
    • Red Wine: you are a very very melow person, who loves to eat beef, i.e. people. and you are carnevous 
    • Rose Wine: you are too confused! you cant make a choice for god sakes
    • Whiskey: if a guy drinks whiskey then he is the MAN,  especially if its on the rocks, if a girl drinks whiskey, then hell she is the MAN, she is wearing the pants in the relationship !!! if you mix whiskey with anything like redbull or coke, then you are PRETENDING TO BE THE MAN
    • Vodka: if you drinking vodka, then you are a regular joe, since majority of the people drink vodka.
    • Tequila, Sambuka: then it means you are looking for one thing tonight, to get drunk, which probably reflects on you as a person of being a reckless person who just loves to go crazy 
    • RUM: i always associated rum drinking people to be smart (maybe because i love my rum !!!)
    • Martinis, Margherittas: you are way to posh for us
    • BEER: …. you are cheap. 


    what do you guys think ? i am totally off track here ?


    Ahmed says:

    You're off on a couple.
    Beer can be wonderful, not just something to hold in your hand for pictures by the beach. I prefer Guinness but for the ladies and effeminate men there are also flavored beers, like Raspberry and Blueberry.

    And I agree if you mix whisky with coke or Red Bull then you're basically scum but there are manly whisky cocktails. Whisky sours, for instance, as well as Old Fashioned's and Sidecars.

    Finally, there's nothing wrong with a good dirty martini ;)

    Sorry if I'm being overbearing, I'm taking a bartending class abroad so I'm very picky about how people perceive alcohol.

    T says:

    I drink all of these. I'm psychotic

    I'm the man says:

    well… thumbs up for the girls who do whiskey on the rocks! ME :) white wine is right too

    @termthejerm says:

    Agree completely with the red wine, whiskey and rum, cant say much for the others since i base my judgement on people i know.

    but, keep into consideration foreigners drink beer like Egyptians drink soda! its just a drink! now if they are drinking six beers during a game its fine, if they are drinking 10 beers to get wasted they are cheap!

    rose wine people are confused, or only drinking something that sounds pretty!

    Martini's well hell they are posh!

    I like where this is going! dont see a book in it! just see an article or two :D

    A.T says:

    Your post doesn't really reflect modern day society and instead reflects some kind of pre-60's "Mad Men"ish convention. In my experience, people usually have a favorite which they usually gravitate to, and their personality has nothing to do with; especially since their favorite drink may change from one situation to another; for example, i like having a nice bottle of red wine with my steak, but trust me, when i'm at the beach, i'll be cracking a bottle of heiniken. Thus, your drink of choice, will likely be effected by the mood you're in or the mood you want to achieve.