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  • Yoga in Aswan: Manadala Yoga Prepares For Retreat in Anakato


    Located on the quiet Nile banks of Upper Egypt in Aswan, Anakato stands as one of the many places where urbanites can travel to break the hectic city routine. Using the natural environment surrounding this pristine village, Mandala Yoga has organised a three day relaxation retreat between February 13th and 16th to soothe not only mind, not even just mind and body, but mind, body AND soul.

    News of the retreat comes hot off the heels of Mandala Yoga’s recent November retreat to Matarma Bay, and the group are quickly becoming the talk of Cairo’s yoga enthusiasts.

    With the program concentrating on yoga exercises, meditation, spiritual rejuvenation and healing, attendees can expect to spend a beautiful weekend recuperating in a space that stands proudly as an example of rural Egyptian beauty.

    For more information, call +201006749754 or visit the Mandala Yoga Facebook Page.