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    I am beyond baffled on why did all this weekend protest happened? Why did it have to reach high levels which resulted into loss of precious life.

    Well it seems what started if I am not mistaken is Hazem Abou Ismail strongly enough I thought he is in the US getting medical treatment. But appearanly his supporters among others are calling for the removal of the army … Odly enough can’t they wait the 57 days left for full power transfer after the election that takes place in 18 days or so

    I am just so baffled why is this all happening when we are finally close to the finish line! More like to the beginning of our new futures … There are presidential candidate and each one of them has a different school of thought that represent the community to read more about them grab a business today egypt

    Or maybe maybe I am living in la la land and there is something I am actually missing in the big picture ? Are you with the current protests if so why ? Are you not if so why ?

    And our condolences to the families who lost their innocent members in this bloodshed.